Network News 2021, Volume 4

Asante Health Network Providers Earn Value-Based Points by Participating in Clinical Quality Initiatives

n addition to advancing high quality medical care, Asante Health Network’s Clinical Quality Initiatives (CQIs) are one of the ways AHN provider groups earn Value-Based Points. Thus, by accumulating Value-Based Points, AHN provider groups demonstrate their contribution to advancing AHN’s mission.  They also benefit by receiving larger payments from the pool of “shared savings” earned by AHN under its payer and employer contracts.


How Many Value-Based Points are Awarded for CQIs?

Each completed CQI has the potential to earn up to 1,200 Value-Based Points for a participating AHN provider group. CQIs start with 100 “baseline” points and then add points based on participation level (i.e. leading a CQI) and group size.


How do AHN Provider Groups Participate in CQIs?

All ideas and proposals for a CQI start their journey by being presented to the Asante Health Network Quality Committee. CQI “charters” endorsed by the Quality Committee are forwarded to the AHN Board of Managers for final approval. Membership of AHN governance committees can be found on the AHN Governance webpage. Once approved, AHN provider groups participating in the CQI are invited to assign one of their providers to join the CQI work group.

Ideas for a CQI are Welcome at Any Time

Please contact Mr. Cory Maukonen, program manager of AHN clinical integration, to submit and/or discuss any aspect of CQIs. Cory can be reached at (541) 778-3399.

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