Network News 2021, Volume 3

Physicians Working Together to Advance Quality Medical Care for the Rogue Valley

This is the premise behind Asante Health Network’s (AHN) Clinical Quality Initiatives (CQIs) — bringing physicians and other healthcare professionals together to develop evidence-based standards of care that advance our mission to improve the health of our communities while lowering the cost of healthcare.

What are Clinical Quality Initiatives?

CQIs are at the heart of AHN’s work. They occur when a multi-disciplinary team of AHN physicians come together under the purview of AHN’s Quality Committee to develop a clinical pathway or standard of care that focuses on quality improvement. Upon approval by the AHN Board of Managers, these pathways and standards are disseminated throughout the network and utilized by our providers in delivering care. Thus, CQIs play a key role in bringing the best medical care to our community.

How are CQIs being utilized by AHN?

Over the past two months, AHN completed three CQIs which are now being used to streamline and enhance how we care for our patients:

  1. back pain care pathway
  2. celiac disease laboratory test protocol
  3. complete blood count laboratory test protocol

Here’s some detail on the Back Pain CQI:

Back Pain Care Pathway

Want more information on Asante Health Network CQIs?

Please contact Mr. Cory Maukonen, program manager of AHN clinical integration. Cory can be reached at (541) 778-3399. You can also find information on the AHN website at

Do you have an idea for a CQI?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact any member of the AHN Quality Committee or Mr. Cory Maukonen at the phone number above.


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