Network News 2021, Volume 1

Asante Health Network delivers on its promise.

The promise: providers working together to improve health. From the beginning of the pandemic, the providers and clinical staff representing Asante Health Network have played a pivotal role in responding to the needs of our community. The recent efforts aimed at making the COVID-19 vaccination available to our community is no exception. Consider the following:

  • Over 100 AHN providers and their staff have worked as volunteers at the Asante COVID vaccination clinics as well as the large-scale vaccination events held at the Jackson and Josephine county expo centers.
  • AHN executive leaders made COVID vaccinations available to all AHN providers and their staff as soon as the OHA criteria opened to health care providers.
  • Asante’s monoclonal antibody therapy clinic opened in Ashland (part of Asante Health Network) and is now accepting referrals for COVID-positive patients.
  • Members of AHN’s leadership team are making significant contributions to the development and operation of Asante’s COVID vaccination program. The Asante COVID clinic is now administering 400-500 vaccines per day. Of note, Cassy Leach (Asante’s director of Ambulatory Quality) and Cory Maukenon (AHN’s Quality Program manager) are running these clinics in addition to their regular duties.
  • Members of the AHN Board of Managers, including Dr. Jamie Grebosky, Dr. Matt Hough, Dr. Muhajid Rivzi, Dr. Chris Morgan and Dr. Steven Hersch are actively engaged at the local, county and state level in shaping programs and policies to meet the vaccination needs across the Rogue Valley. Dr. Sue Hagar (AHN Quality Committee) is also making important contributions.

OHA’s “phasing” plan for the COVID vaccination can be found here.


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