Medical Care Pathways

Guidelines & Protocols

Asante Health Network physicians work together to develop evidence-based medical care guidelines (also referred to as “pathways”) to treat patients with specific diseases and conditions. Adopting these guidelines reduces practice pattern variations.

The guidelines are available to AHN providers, leading to quality patient care and better cost control. They also help AHN evaluate and adjust patterns to best meet patient needs.

COPD Care Path

Back Pain Care Pathway

This pathway helps reduce opioid use and avoid unnecessary advanced imaging and surgical procedures.

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COPD Care Path

COPD Care Pathway

AHN providers have a reliable workup to be completed prior to COPD referrals.
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AHN Type 2 Diabetes guidelines

Type 2 Diabetic Care Pathway

AHN providers are working to reduce variation within our network.
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Asante Health Network Hypertension guidelines

Hypertension Care Pathway

Be part of the solution to effectively manage hypertension.
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Asante Health Network Migraines guidelines

Chronic Migraine Treatment Pathway

Try this pathway before referring your patients to neurology.
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