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AHNPlus: A New Way of Caring
for Your Employees’ Health

We’re on a mission to improve the health of Southern Oregon businesses and their employees.

Who Is AHNPlus For?

AHNPlus is a healthcare program developed by Asante Health Network (AHN) for employers in Jackson and Josephine counties. Its purpose is to lower medical expenses under employer-sponsored employee health plans, while also improving the quality of healthcare received by covered employees and their family members.

AHNPlus integrates into an employer’s existing health plan through the use of a 3-tier plan design, where AHN providers and facilities are covered under “tier 1” offering the lowest out-of-pocket costs. AHNPlus is designed for businesses that have (or are transitioning to) a self-funded plan structure.

Explore the Short and Long-Term Benefits of AHNPlus:

Reduced Fee Schedules

Reduced Fee Schedules

One facet of cost reduction under AHNPlus is a fee schedule discount. Specifically, for all AHNPlus members, Asante provides a 10% fee schedule discount for facility services received at any Asante hospital (inpatient or outpatient) or emergency department. This represents a substantial savings starting from the effective date of an employer’s AHNPlus program.

Flexible Employer Plan Design

Flexible Employer Plan Design

AHNPlus may be offered side-by-side with an employer’s existing self-funded health plan or as a full replacement. Our 3-Tier design provides covered employees and their family member with lower out-of-pocket costs within the Asante Health Network, while retaining flexibility of choice in receiving care outside of AHN.

50/50 Shared Savings

Shared Savings

When an employer’s health plan costs are lowered through AHNPlus, the savings are shared between the employer and AHN. This sharing arrangement creates a strong alignment between the employer and AHN to ensure positive quality and cost outcomes. AHN’s portion of shared savings is linked to its meeting the AHN Access Guarantees.

Our Access Commitment

Our Access Commitment

All individuals covered under AHNPlus have access to the AHN New Patient Access Team. This team exists to assist individuals who seek to establish care with an AHN primary care provider. Call (541) 789-1234  to speak with a team member, who will assist in selecting a new primary care provider (PCP) and scheduling the first appointment — all during the first phone call. Our commitment is to provide new patient primary care appointments within two weeks, while established primary care patient appointments for urgent needs are available same or next day.

“AHN’s goal is to take care of people. They are focused on finding the best outcomes for their members through flexibility and customization.”

– Gary Alton, Senior Vice President, The Partners Group
Gary Alton

Disease Management Programs

Education leads to better care. For patients with chronic diseases, AHN providers are doing more than treating symptoms — they’re providing information about healthy lifestyle options, additional support services, medication management and more.  The use of evidenced-based practice guidelines ensure that our patients are receiving a consistently high level of care across all AHN providers.

Disease Management Programs
Care Pathways

Care Pathways

Our evidenced-based care pathways are enhancing the quality, safety and efficiency of care in Southern Oregon. With established care pathways for back pain, COPD, chronic migraines and more, we’re delivering consistent and coordinated treatment for patients receiving care within AHN.

Coordinated AHN Medical Services

From primary care visits to a wide range of specialty services, AHNPlus members have access to high-quality care that is coordinated across our 750+ healthcare providers and professionals.  Our team of nurse care managers and health coaches supplement physician medical care by providing medical education and care coordination services for covered members who are experiencing chronic disease or significant health events.

Dr. Megan Frost
AHNPlus employer solutions

Technology Solutions

We’re bridging the connection between your employees and better health with leading-edge digital solutions. Advanced predictive analytics helps us identify and address trends in our patient populations. Telehealth and video visits are available from many AHN providers as well as access to electronic medical records through Asante’s MyChart system. 

Employer Health Coalition

We invite you to share your voice at the AHN table. Employers enrolled in AHNPlus receive membership in the Asante Employer Health Coalition, a consortium of AHNPlus employers and Asante Health Network medical and administrative leaders that fosters dialogue focused on alignment, service, and innovation.

AHNPlus Employer Health Coalition

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If you’re ready to learn more, contact Jared Hill, Director of Operations, at ​ (541) 840-1167.