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Asante Health Network’s governance structure includes a Board of Managers, a Quality Committee and a Finance Committee. Members of these committees reflect a blend of our independent and employed physicians and other health care leaders. They are recognized thought leaders who have a long-term vision for the health and prosperity of the communities we serve. There are ongoing opportunities for physicians and administrative leaders to participate in AHN governance.

AHN Governance Organizational Chart
  • Board of managers
    • Quality committee
    • Finance committee
    • Administrative team

Board of Managers

Brian Hall, MD (Chair)

Board Chair and Anesthesiology, Anesthesiology Associates

Jamie Grebosky, MD

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical and Quality Officer, Asante

Chris Morgan, MD

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Asante Physician Partners

Mel Castillo, MD
General Surgery, Oregon Surgical Specialists
Joe Pastrano, MD
Radiology, Medford Radiological Group
Matt Hough, MD
Pediatrics, Southern Oregon Pediatrics
Greg Wojtal
Senior Vice President and Chief Administration and Finance Officer, Asante
Scott Kelly

President and Chief Executive Officer, Asante

Allison Loudermilk, MD
Vista Pathology
Mujahid Rizvi, MD
Hematology/Oncology Associates
Eric Loeliger, MD

Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

Quality Committee

Megan Frost, MD
Asante Physician Partners Chair
Chris Morgan, MD
Asante Physician Partners
Sue Hagar, MD
Asante Physician Partners
Elizabeth Steele, MD
Vista Pathology
Chris Patton, MD
Southern Oregon Pediatrics
Eric Chatfield, MD
Three Rivers Radiology
Michael Gailey, MD
Oregon ENT
Minal Jaju, MD
Southern Oregon Hospitalists
Cory Maukonen, RN
Asante Health Network
Bill Edwards
Asante Health Network

Finance Committee

Amity Williamson
Southern Oregon Hospitalists
Dick Stevens
Hematology Oncology Associates
Joe Atzenbeck
Clinic for Dermatology & Wellness
John D’Angelo
Southern Oregon Cardiology
Mike Tripp
Three Rivers Radiology
Rachelle Sinclair
Southern Oregon Chiropractic

AHN Administrative Team

Asante Health Network Jamie Grebosky

Jamie Grebosky, MD

Chief medical and quality officer

Asante Health Network Greg Wojtal
Greg Wojtal

Chief administrative and finance officer

Asante Health Network Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards


Asante Health Network Cory Maukonen
Cory Maukonen, RN

Clinical programs

Asante Health Network Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter


“Participation in the Asante Health Network has opened up new opportunities to shape the direction of health care in Southern Oregon and beyond. I’m excited about the progress we’re making to engage with physicians on improving quality and lowering costs.”

– Brian Hall, MD, Anesthesiology, Anesthesia Associates, AHN Board of Managers
Asante Health Network Brian Hall

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