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Asante Health Network is changing the landscape of healthcare in Southern Oregon. Our goal is to improve your quality of care, to lower costs and enhance your experience as a patient. Read what current AHN enrollees have to say about their experience with AHNPlus, our providers, and the care they have received.

“AHNPlus is a new, unique form of healthcare. It focuses on my health and wellness and making sure I have a primary care physician whom I can trust. This helps me make informed decisions about my health. I also feel secure knowing I have access to quality, local care.”

– Rebecca Scott, AHNPlus subscriber
Jamie Grebosky Asante Health Network

“Participation in the Asante Health Network has opened up new opportunities to shape the direction of health care in Southern Oregon and beyond. I’m excited about the progress we’re making to engage with physicians on improving quality and lowering costs.”

– Brian Hall, MD, Anesthesiology, Anesthesia Associates, AHN Board of Managers
AHN testimonial Brian Hall

“AHN collaboratively works to improve quality and cost of health care for our community. We do this by seeking guidance from our physician leaders who are knowledgeable about the patient care opportunities.”

– Jamie Grebosky, MD, Asante senior vice president and chief medical and quality officer, AHN Board Member
Asante testimonial Jamie Grebosky

“AHN gives my group the infrastructure and support to work toward the quadruple aim of improved patient experience, improved population health, improved cost of care and improved provider quality of life.”

– Joe Pastrano, MD, FACR, Radiology, Medford Radiological Group
AHN testimonial Joe Pastrano

“Asante Health Network exists to bring together doctors and health care professionals in the Rogue Valley for the purpose of making health care more affordable and improving health outcomes. I’m excited about the work we’re doing to benefit our community.”

– Steven Hersch, MD, Internal medicine
Asante Health Network testimonial Steven Hersch

“AHN’s goal is to take care of people. They are focused on finding the best outcomes for their members through flexibility and customization.”

– Gary Alton, Senior Vice President, The Partners Group
Gary Alton

“AHNPlus saves both the member and employer money. It also engages members in ways that other healthcare systems do not — it is transforming how healthcare is delivered.”

– Jared K. Hill, Director of Business Development Asante Health Network
Jared K. Hill, Director of Business Development Asante Health Network

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