Network News 2020, Volume 1

Asante Health Network providers and hospitals rise to meet dual challenges: a pandemic and wildfires

The wildfire events of September have wrought devastation across the Rogue Valley, further challenging a medical community already straining under the weight of a pandemic. In the face of suffering and despair, hundreds of physicians and other medical professionals who make up the Asante Health Network are showing us a way forward by their examples of sacrifice and courage.

Uninterrupted access to medical care

Throughout the pandemic and wildfires, our physician practices have continued to provide nearly uninterrupted access to care across the valley. This despite the adoption of video technology for seeing patients and extensive infection control safeguards, combined with the reality of being hard hit economically due to a decline in patients seeking care. Some practices reported declines in patient volumes of over 40%. And yet, for patients in need, they have continued to provide access to great care.

Outreach to our patients

Many of our practices have proactively engaged in outreach to patients to check on the status of their health, medications and overall well-being. Watch for stories of how this has impacted people in future editions of Network News.

COVID hotline

Since the early days of the pandemic, Asante has maintained a COVID-19 hotline and testing operation that supports the entire Rogue Valley. Anyone in our community can call the hotline (541-789-2813) to speak with a nurse about symptoms and treatment of COVID-19.

Taking care of our own

During the peak of the wildfire events, our Asante hospital leaders and staff transformed the Smullin Center to provide food, clothing and shelter to Asante employees displaced and otherwise impacted by fire.


The Rogue Valley is blessed with one of the country’s finest network of health care providers and facilities. This has never been more evident as we’ve watched them respond to the disasters of 2020. We are deeply grateful to our medical professionals and those who support them for their courage and service during these unprecedented times.

Please let us know how we can help you meet the needs of your practice.


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