Network News 2022, Volume 1

Clinical Quality Initiatives are enhancing the patient experience, and creating opportunities for physicians to work together.

Across the country, healthcare has a reputation for being expensive, confusing and difficult to navigate. However, Asante Health Network (AHN) is spearheading a new era of healthcare and transforming how it is delivered in our community.

Our network of providers work together to help the people of Southern Oregon by improving the quality of care, lowering medical costs, and enhancing the patient experience. One way we accomplish these goals is through Clinical Quality Initiatives (CQIs).

CQIs are one of the most exciting things to happen in our local healthcare system in a decade, according to Cory Maukonen MBA, and RN Clinical Integration Program Manager.

“Physicians are working more closely together to agree on how best to help their patients. Additionally, AHN allows employers to have direct access to the people delivering care. This lets employers be heard and influence how care is delivered.” – Cory Maukonen, RN Clinical Integration Program Manager

What are CQIs and how do they work?

CQIs are initiatives undertaken by a multidisciplinary team of our providers, with the purposes of improving the quality of care and/or reducing the cost of care for our members.

We value the patient experience, and by using CQIs, we can enhance that experience and improve upon it. This results in more targeted care, lower costs, fewer unnecessary procedures, based on unique collaboration among providers.

How CQIs improve the patient experience

We understand how the healthcare system can be difficult to traverse. From managing referrals, to scheduling appointments and receiving test results, it is a lot for patients to handle. Our CQIs are changing that.

New legislation mandates that test results must be made available to patients as soon as they are in an electronic reporting system. While this has many benefits, it also poses challenges. For example, if you had a biopsy and the results were available before you could speak with your doctor, that may lead to confusion, anxiety or misinterpreting the results.

To address this, AHN is working on a CQI which changes how we communicate with patients, and it is a model we will use for a variety of procedures. For example, our new CQI includes solutions such as a patient-facing list of terms and definitions for test results, and additional contact information for people who have concerns about their results.

Reducing costs and improving quality of care

Other infamous obstacles in the healthcare system are the high cost of care, and patients receiving referrals or procedures that are not appropriate for their situation. Both negatively impact the patient experience and create frustration among providers. AHN is using CQIs to create targeted solutions to these issues. Because lower costs and a higher quality of care will result in a better experience for patients and physicians.

To address this, AHN completed another CQI related to decreasing medical costs specifically connected to patient back pain. It had three goals:

  1. to reduce the use of opioids for back pain
  2. decrease the use of unnecessary advanced imaging, and
  3. reduce unnecessary referrals to surgeons.

Opioid misuse is at a crisis level and has a tremendously negative impact on people’s lives. Imaging tests could cost a few thousand dollars and are only helpful if done at the right point in the course of care. Our back care initiatives are reducing expenses and unnecessary procedures.

Creating a collaborative space for physicians

The benefits of well-executed CQIs also extend to medical providers.

“CQIs create opportunities for physicians to work together in ways they’ve always wanted to, but has been historically difficult. Physicians want to coordinate better patient care, and CQIs help them do that.” – Cory Maukonen, RN Clinical Integration Program Manager

Asante Health Network is leading the way in transforming healthcare, with providers collaborating in a way that’s unique in Southern Oregon. Those partnerships directly benefit patients by reducing costs, improving the quality of care and enhancing their overall experience.

Rebecca ScottAHNPlus is a new, unique form of healthcare. It focuses on my health and wellness and making sure I have a primary care physician whom I can trust. This helps me make informed decisions about my health. I also feel secure knowing I have access to quality, local care.” – Rebecca Scott, AHNPlus subscriber


AHNPlus Gains Momentum in the Rogue Valley

Asante Health Network is a local network of 750+ providers and healthcare professionals

As the healthcare industry struggles with rising costs, and an increase in chronic diseases and mental health-related illnesses, people are searching for better and more equitable options.

Asante Health Network developed AHNPlus — a value-based healthcare program — to address these issues and change how healthcare is delivered in our community.

A new type of healthcare

AHNPlus is a healthcare program designed for local Rogue Valley employers. It focuses on providing targeted care, reducing costs and creating a better patient experience.

Interest in AHNPlus continues to grow. Currently, Asante Health Network has over 750 physicians and medical providers, 15 primary care locations, and three hospitals. The benefits of AHNPlus, and its unique structure, allows you to focus on your health and wellness without enduring overwhelming costs.

Addressing issues & offering solutions

The mission of Asante Health Network is to enhance the value of local healthcare by providing better care and better health at a lower cost. AHNPlus is one of the ways we do that.

Locally and across the nation, healthcare costs are rising. Sometimes, it may even keep you from seeking proper care. This is an unacceptable scenario, and we created AHNPlus to ensure it doesn’t become the norm here in the Rogue Valley.

In addition to reducing healthcare costs, AHNPlus also improves health outcomes and enhances your experience as a patient. You have quicker access to your primary care provider, so you get the care you need, when you need it.

The future of healthcare

AHNPlus is transforming healthcare in our community. Your health and wellness is our top priority. Our team is thrilled as AHNPlus gains traction locally, and continues to change lives and improve your experiences with the healthcare industry.