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Clinical Programs

An Overview

Delivering high quality care is the focus of Asante Health Network. Our physicians and other health care professionals work together on a wide spectrum of clinical programs designed to improve health outcomes and reduce unnecessary care.

Asante Health Network Guidelines Protocols

Guidelines & Protocols

Asante Health Network physicians work together in developing evidenced-based medical care guidelines (also referred to as “pathways”) for treatment of patients with specific diseases and conditions. The adoption of these guidelines serves to reduce variation of practice patterns.

Asante Health Network Clinical Programs

Clinical Quality Initiatives

Our physicians work to optimize care delivery through engagement on a wide range of clinical quality initiatives. These initiatives are designed to promote collaboration across specialties and care venues, with an emphasis on evidenced-based medicine.

AHN Clinical Programs Payer Agreements

Payer Agreements

Our medical and administrative leaders are working with insurance companies and the federal government to adopt “value-based” payment programs and contracts that reward quality outcomes.